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Final Fantasy IV 8 bit 

(Famicom Disk System bootleg)

Final Fantasy IV 8-bit Famicom Disk System

Images from what appeared to be a Chinese bootleg, but could never confirm if Korean or Chinese. Recommend having some grasp of the language to complete part II..
Images and video recorded from a very well put together Chinese bootleg for the Famicom Disk System of Final Fantasy IV. This was included because it was my original inspiration came from wanting to recreate Final Fantasy IV on the NES. Many tiles from this game were incorporated into Reconstructed in one shape or form and a lot of inspiration was found within .

Bestiary and  Battle backgrounds

A collection of images from the battles within the games. Many of the enemies were brought over from the SNES version with little or no differences. .

Location screenshots

Screenshots of the various locations visited within the game. 

Final Fantasy IV 8-bit

The game was presented as a trilogy and requires all 3 files to complete entirely. The files have become increasingly difficult to find, so a direct download link is provided for anyone who is interested in learning more about how Final Fantasy on the NES could likely have continued